Blackcomb Consultants is now part of Accenture | Insurance Blog

Blackcomb Consultants is now part of Accenture I am excited to welcome Blackcomb Consultants, a leading independent Guidewire partner in North America, into the Accenture family. Why Blackcomb Consultants? Amid market disruption and heightened consumer expectations, insurers are turning to platforms such as Guidewire to drive strategic digital and business transformation. Accenture and Blackcomb Consultants … Read more

What does the metaverse mean for insurers? | Insurance Blog

The metaverse is a concept making headlines across the globe, with its application being imagined across all industries. However, until recently, the practical manifestation and future impact of the metaverse was unknown. The newly-released Insurance Tech Vision for 2022 not only defines the metaverse, but contains valuable, timely insights for insurers on how the metaverse … Read more

Insurance News: The next horizon of expansion | Insurance Blog

As insurers look to the next horizon of expansion with an inclusive and diverse approach, there are a number of opportunities influencing scale potential including acquisitions, capital investments, the metaverse and the emergence of insurtech 2.0. In this month’s Insurance News Analysis, Joanne Laffan and I discuss how a pre-scale insurer like Lemonade is planning … Read more

Insuring the programmable world | Insurance Blog

As we move into a new phase of innovation after the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, insurers need to look ahead to determine what their technology priorities should be today. Our 2022 Technology Vision report focuses on the expansion of the digital world and the increasing overlap between physical and virtual reality. One of … Read more

Discovery – a holistic, ongoing innovation story | Insurance Blog

The Qorus-Accenture Innovation in Insurance Awards prides itself on celebrating the world’s leading innovators in the sector. The awards’ ultimate accolade – the Global Innovator 2022 – recognizes an insurance business that not only manifests innovation in fresh, exciting ways, but lives innovation through its strategy and day to day practices. This year, there was … Read more

How customer experience drives growth for life insurers | Insurance Blog

Customer experience can be a competitive differentiator for life insurers, and many of them are making strategic investments in customer experience across the enterprise to bolster business growth. These investments in people and technology are providing the 360-degree view of their customers that’s needed to uncover new opportunities. At the same time, they’re enabling a … Read more

Reaching new insurance customers with insurtech innovation | Insurance Blog

Over the past few years, the Insurtech sector has established itself as a vital catalyst for innovation in the insurance industry. Insurtech is a term that comprises a new group of technology-based start-ups that are disrupting the insurance industry. Agile, technology-centred and adaptive to emerging customer needs, they fulfil an important need for refreshed insurance … Read more

Insurance News: Cloud connectivity in an evolving risk landscape | Insurance Blog

With all the connectivity that cloud enables, and complex dynamics at play in determining who has the responsibility to process and protect PII, insurers need to work with their ecosystem partners to protect the data of their customers and employees. In this Insurance News Analysis, we were delighted to welcome Aaron Davidson, Global Head of … Read more