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The tech-powered operating model research shows that a broad enterprise technology strategy is crucial for business success. Part of that success comes from a leader’s ability to scale technology to drive exceptional customer experiences and new value propositions. In support of such an endeavor, insurers, driven by speed to market with new and differentiated products, are modernizing their core insurance systems and moving them to the cloud. This enables them to leverage advances in customer experience technologies like self-servicing and personalization through generative AI among other technologies. They look to these advancements to drive speed and scale required to remain competitive and grow profitably. In fact, a Gartner survey of insurance CIOs ranked customer experience and new product /service development in the top five objectives for their digital investments. The insurers we work with expressed similar views.

Improved speed to market on new products

When a Tier 1 annuity carrier was looking to provide new products on an accelerated timeline, they started by modernizing their core policy administration system. Using the platform’s configurable product templates enabled them to build a product chassis as a basis from which to quickly create multiple product variations by turning on or off features. This capability also allows them to provide white label products for their distribution partners such as using a bespoke index instead of a public index for one of their annuity products. With this high level of flexibility, the carrier is positioned to achieve its goal of bringing new and differentiated products to market quickly. At the same time, they’re offering an even better experience for their distribution partners.

Increased operating efficiency to better serve customers and employees

Similarly, a Tier 2 life insurance carrier modernized its new business and underwriting function with a focus on process efficiency to drive product development and improve customer and employee experience. They used the Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform (ALIP) to introduce and later update an indexed universal life product followed by placing their high-volume term product onto the platform as a proving ground for future product launches, including a new indexed whole life product. Leveraging this technology helped them rethink their processes, making them more efficient and freeing up capacity for product teams to focus on the product roadmap and manufacturing products that meet their customers’ needs.

These future-ready carriers look to technology to provide greater flexibility to respond to—and anticipate—customer and stakeholder needs across their enterprises and distribution channels. Let’s talk about how you can elevate the customer experience with greater operating flexibility.

As a business visionary, you know that running commerce includes a reasonable share of dangers. From unanticipated mishaps to lawful liabilities, there are various dangers that can jeopardize your company’s victory. Essential Types of Business Insurance  That’s where commerce protections comes in. Essential Types of Business Insurance In this article, we’ll investigate the 10 basic sorts of trade protections that each company ought to consider to ensure their future. So,Essential Types of Business Insurance buckle up and let’s plunge into the world of trade protections!

General Liability Insurance: Shielding against the Unexpected:

Common obligation protections is the superhero of trade protection approaches. It gives scope for mishaps, wounds, Essential Types of Business Insurance and property harm which will happen on your premises or as a result of your commerce operations. Essential Types of Business Insurance It’s like having an individual bodyguard for your company, prepared to step in when unforeseen incidents strike.

Property Insurance: Safeguarding Your Assets:

Your commerce premises, gear, Essential Types of Business Insurance and stock are profitable resources that require security. Property protection makes a difference protect your physical resources from risks such as fire, burglary, vandalism, Essential Types of Business Insurance and normal catastrophes. It’s like having a strong shield to keep your commerce fortification intaglio.

Business Interruption Insurance: Bouncing Back from Disasters:

When catastrophe strikes, your commerce may confront a transitory shutdown Essential Types of Business Insurance. Trade intrusion protections gives scope for misplaced wage and progressing costs amid the period of disturbance. It makes a difference you bounce back and keeps your funds on track until you’ll be able revive your entryways to clients.

Professional Liability Insurance: Protecting Your Expertise:

In case you give proficient administrations or counsel, Essential Types of Business Insuranceproficient obligation protections (too known as mistakes and exclusions protections) is vital. It secures you from claims of carelessness, Essential Types of Business Insuranceblunders, or exclusions that might emerge from your professional activities. Think of it as a security net for your ability.

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